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Envision CMA Conference - 4th & 5th November

"Completely free face to face money advice centres in every community across the nation, reaching anyone in need with unconditional advice from budgeting education, form filling, casework through to personal insolvency"

Community Money Advice - Envision Conference - 4th & 5th November

CMA is celebrating its 10th Anniversary.  Come and hear the story of the growth of the CMA network and the impact it is having across the nation.  

The conference is being held at HTB in London.

To download the flyer please click here

About CMA

Community Money Advice (CMA) is a national charity that for ten years has enabled community groups to establish local, free to client, face to face debt advice services, through the provision of a range of services including: industry standard training; LSC approved sample policies and procedures; a freephone Adviceline; regional mentors; administration software and information resources. We are committed to supporting churches and other community groups with a vision to help people overcome their money problems and make a fresh start on a stable financial footing free from the blight of indebtedness.

History of CMA

Community Money Advice became a charity in 2003 to help churches and other local organisations to set up money advice centres. But the history really begins in 1997, with the setting up of the Community Debt Advice Centre in Burgess Hill.

At the time, there were no other christian debt advice organisations in the country, and volunteers had to learn how to set up and run a centre on their own. Once the Burgess Hill centre was up and running, enquiries starting coming in from all over the country from groups wanting advice on starting their own centres.

In 2000 as part of a Newfrontiers initiative called Act 2000, a series of booklets were commissioned on social action projects, including a booklet called 'Setting Up a Debt Advice Centre'. Following the publication of that booklet it became clear that there was a need for a separate organisation to handle the growing demand for help in setting up centres and training volunteers.

Community Money Advice gained charitable status in 2003. Operating from Shropshire, CMA has grown from having just two affiliate centres in 2003, to nearly 100 in 2011.

Looking to the future, CMA is currently implementing an ambitious three year plan to support the continuing growth in demand for debt advice services across the UK.

More Information

For more information visit the CMA website:

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The Bible Science & Society Today

Afternoon Conference - Saturday 29th October - Free Admission

Castlefields Church are hosting an afternoon conference entitled "The Bible, Science & Society Today".  

2011 is the 400th Anniversary of the translation of the Bible into English.

"Its impact has been astounding" Lord Melvyn Bragg - Historian Broadcaster & Novelist

Come and find out why the Bible is relevant today.

At her Coronation in June 1953, the Queen was presented with a copy of the Bible, with these words,

"We present you with this Book, the most valuable thing this world affords.  Here is wisdom..."

You are invited to come and hear a top scientist, a popular journalist and an experienced Bible teacher speak out about the Bible for today!


Saturday 29th October 2011 - 14:30

The Darwin Suite, Assembly Rooms, Market Place, Derby

For more information please contact: 01332 270 545 / 550 879

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North 2011 Offering Video

A new video has just been posted on the North UK Vimeo site about the North 2011 offering, please click here to view it.

There are still some IOU's outstanding from the offering, if you haven't been able to redeem yours yet you can find details about how you can do this on the North website:

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The Alpha Supper

"Alpha is fantastic because it explains it so simply and you go, "Wow, why didn't I think of that?"

 Bobby Ball, Comedian

" probably the most interesting and incredible thing going on in our Christian world."

 Tony Blair, Former Uk Prime Minister

Friday 23rd September saw the launch of our Alpha Course with an Alpha Supper – an introduction to Alpha, which was a great success.  It was an excellent opportunity for people to invite friends who may be interested in hearing more about the Christian faith. 

The Alpha Course is an opportunity for everyone to explore the Christian faith over a ten week period.  Every week over a meal a talk is given on a related subject and people are then able to ask questions relating to the talk or other issues that they want to find out more about.  

We had an excellent meal – a hot carvery with vegetables and there was lots of talking and laughter.  Kevin then spoke about the need to investigate the Christian faith with an open mind and to make one’s own conclusions about what Jesus said and claimed to be.  Afterwards we had coffee and cake whilst we asked people to decide if they wanted to join us for the course.  

We had 28 people attend the Alpha Supper, which included members of our team. As a result of the evening 19 people have decided that they would like to attend the course to find out more.  

All in all it was a great success and we are really looking forward to see how the course will develop over the coming weeks. 

The Alpha course looks at these and other questions, providing a practical introduction to the Christian faith. 

Over 10 weeks, the Alpha Course helps guests explore the meaning of life, revealing that Christianity can be every bit as relevant to life today as it was 2000 years ago.  

There is still time to book in! For more information please visit:

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Bible Society Event

Wednesday 5th October - 10am - 4pm

Near St. Peters & Waterstones in Derby

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible – and, to celebrate the occasion, the Bible Society of England & Wales and Scottish Bible Society want to give people the chance to make their mark in history and be part of the world's first digitally handwritten edition of the Bible.

This is what they say about the project:

The aim of the project is to engage people that have never read the Bible before - to do this effectively we need an appropriate public facing venue, maybe a large event or a location that will have high visibility for large numbers of the general public.

This is why we'll be taking our ScribePods to public venues around the country (festivals, shows, shopping centres, beaches etc), where anyone can turn up and hand write two verses of the Bible, personalised with a comment, doodle or signature.

The verses will be displayed to each writer on our specially-built iPad writing stations, and then written out with a digital pen and paper – creating a searchable online archive of everyone's contribution.

Submissions have already been coming in, and you can see these here

As well as being a fantastic cultural event, with a great community spirit, we anticipate The People's Bible road show generating a substantial amount of press interest and coverage.

We'll also be running our own promotion around the events, with local connections, celebrity endorsements etc. Prince Charles has written the first two verses (which you can see here), and the whole tour will wrap up with an event in Westminster Abbey, where we'll be presenting a bound copy of some of the handwritten verses.

Other celebrity contributions can be viewed here.

We've already been to:

Other locations we're going to with the road show include:

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LoveDerby - An Update


 This week, the prison population hit a record high - 86,842.  Prison resources and staff are stretched, including probation and re-settlement officers who are struggling to cope with prisoners being moved around the country to manage the record figures.  Take Richard, for example. 


One day recently I spoke to a re-settlement officer from a prison hundreds of miles from Derby.  Richard (not his real name) who has lived in Derby all his life was being released the following week and I had no opportunity to interview him except by phone the day before his release.   He had became homeless and had been arrested for breaking into a building in order to have a safe place to sleep (the streets are dangerous places at night).  

It was only after this interview that Richard knew he would not be back on the streets the following night. When I collected him, Richard had a small bag and the clothes he stood up in.  He had nothing else in the world.  

I took him to his accommodation where some of the furniture in the room, including the television and bedding, were gifts from Jubilee.  There was also a food parcel, crockery, cutlery, tin opener, towels and toiletries collected together as part of LoveDerby. Richard was so appreciative of the kindness of the church.  


LoveDerby is about showing the people of Derby in practical ways that God loves them.  That takes many forms, like the gifts to Richard, and it is a privilege to be part of it.

Posted by Kevin at 10:09 AM


Videos from North 2011

All three videos that were put together for North 2011 are now available on the media section of our website.  They look at the themes Distinctives, Church Planting and Community Engagement.  To watch them click here.

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Newfrontiers North 2011 Talks

All the talks from this years Newfrontiers North conference are now available online to download click here. I can wholeheartedly recommend downloading and listening to them. The teaching this year, as ever; was excellent and will no doubt influence much that we do over the next months and years. Download now!

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Prospects Christian Fellowship

Prospects is a Christian Fellowship for people with learning disabilities.  It meets on the second Sunday of every month (except August) between 18:15 & 19:30hrs in the Carsington Suite, Riverside Centre, Pride Park, Derby.  

The evening starts with refreshments and gives us a chance to catch up; this is followed by craft activities related to the theme talk.  There is also worship through song, a time of prayer and a story or talk.  

If you feel this is for you or someone that you care for you are welcome to join them.  

If you would like to receive more information about this, please contact us at

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