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A Message from Jeremy Simpkins

I just wanted to thank you personally for your amazing support @ "North 2011".

The mass of feedback that I've received so far - is that despite the mud - it was our best "North"ever! 

It was amazing to see so many of your children & young people saved, filled with the Spirit and stirred up to live for Jesus! 

Your attitude on site was exemplary - I wasn't aware of much grumbling about the weather - just a new seriousness that we are the army of God @ His boot camp! 

Finally thank you for your amazing generosity - we are so grateful for the wonderful offering of £132,000 - which is increasing all the time!!

With much love to you all


Posted by Jubilee Church Derby | Written by Jeremy Simpkins | at 4:18 PM


Higher - The New Album from Phatfish

Posted by Jubilee Church Office at 2:53 PM


Famine in Kenya

Starving baby - a letter from Edward Buria

The famine situation in Kenya worsens daily. There is no likelihood of rain before October/November. Assuming there is then sufficient rain for planting seed food will not be available before March. This heartfelt cry comes from Edward Buria.

My Dear Friends,

I am sure you are receipt of my latest report on the ongoing Drought/Famine Crisis being experienced in Kenya and number of Countries in Horn of Africa (see Newfrontiers website). Further to that report, I have had more serious encounters with so many people who are battling the effects of the drought/famine. This is why I have decided to share with you the very latest reports on the same.

When I saw this child I concluded that the situation can not get any worse! A child like this represents millions of the starving children and adults alike in the drought/famine affected areas in Kenya, and Nations of the Horn of Africa.

One mother’s cry Yesterday while visiting one of our relief distribution centres, a very desperate mother crying and narrating to me what she and her family have gone through told me something that will remain with me for a very long time to come. She told me in a low low tone “…Pastor it can not be any other tough, it is very very tough!” I immediately and very spontaneously responded back to her “..Mama,that is why we have TAF(Together Against Famine Kenya) in place”. I told her and the many people in this centre, that I would do anything I am able to do to make sure that no one within the areas of our targets dies of starvation. I also promised that I will speak on their behalf to the world and let the World know what they are facing and going through.

Red Cross, World Food Programme and other humanitarian organisations are doing whatever they can, but the problem is becoming more serious and larger by each passing day. This crisis is more serious than what is known and captured by the Media. We even know of areas and people who have not been identified by the organisations that are assisting the affected, and who are in dire need of relief supplies.

My plea is a simple one. Let us do what we can do NOW before it is too late! God loves such Kids and the many people who are starving in Kenya and Nations of the Horn of Africa! He wants them to be given an opportunity to live, can we we count on you?



How to donate

 If you are able to contribute to the Kenya Crisis Appeal Fund that would be much appreciated, whether direct online or through your church. Donations may also be sent to:

The Finance Team 

The Matrix Complex

91 Peterborough Road



Posted by Jubilee Church Office - Written by Edward Buria at 3:36 PM


If I have not love

I was challenged once again this morning by the verses in 1 Corinthians 13, which talk about love.  It’s not the latter half that was highlighted to me, those that describe what love is, what it looks like.  What jumps out at me, shocks me, is the sense that we could do so many things but if they don’t come from of a heart of love its ultimately pointless; they don't count for anything and we don’t gain anything. 

Many of you will be aware of the band Phatfish and on their most recent album "In Jesus", they approach this topic so clearly in the song "If I have not love". You can read the lyrics here & listen to the song here

Scripture - 1 Corinthians 13:1-3

Posted by David Ash at 10:15 AM


Riots in Our Nation

This week our nation has seen rioting and looting on a scale it has rarely witnessed. Violence and vandalism swept first across the capital and then to other cities around the country.

Such events rightly drive us to our knees. It is a wonderful testimony to the world that the top-trending topic on Twitter for most of Tuesday was the hashtag #prayforlondon. Can I encourage you to pray not only for peace to return to our streets, but for the police, fire brigade, and for those in authority, for parents, community leaders, and politicians.  Pray for those who have lost businesses, homes and livelihoods, and for those who have lost family members and friends to the violence. 

Pray too for those whose sons, daughters, neighbours and friends have been arrested, or who have caused criminal damage. Lives and communities have been ripped apart, and healing can only come from God.

Meanwhile, as the media looked on in shock and the police worked flat out to protect property and bring the situation under control, something more positive was beginning to happen. By Tuesday morning hundreds of individuals and community groups were flooding to the streets to start the clean-up. This provides a massive opportunity for the church too to be involved and to be a model community.

In our towns and cities, the church has a unique role in providing hope and a model of community life. Although at the time of writing the pop-up website is showing that all areas have been cleared, community centres, charities and local groups are sending out appeals for clothing, household goods, blankets and emergency food supplies to give to those who have lost everything. 

Many Newfrontiers churches run or are associated with Foodbanks which may be in need of extra supplies over the coming weeks, and if the violence continues there will be renewed needs for teams to take to the streets with brooms and bin-bags to play our part in bringing shalom to our neighbourhoods.  

We have an excellent opportunity – if not an imperative – to be salt and light in our towns and cities at this difficult time. Can I urge you to encourage your congregations this Sunday with the famous words from Matthew’s Gospel “let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

Written by David Stroud (Abridged)

Image from: (12/08/2011)

Posted by Jubilee Church Office at 10:04 AM


Review of the Main Sessions at Together on a Mission 2011 - Part 1


We had the privilege of being able to attend the final International TOAM in Brighton this summer.  We were full of anticipation about what God would say to us and how this time of transition would come through in the teaching that was brought.  

I have to say that we both felt that it was an excellent time, easily the best TOAM conference we have been to.  

The conference started with a talk from Scott Marques, who brings leadership oversight to much of the work that Newfrontiers is doing in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique.  He called us to live courageous lives of faith, emulating the people of faith that have gone before us.  He thundered this to us from Hebrews 11! It was a fitting start to the week and set the tone and theme for the conference.  

Terry Virgo followed Scott with the first of three talks that he gave throughout the week.  He spoke from Hebrews 12 (the leadership are not asked to speak from specific passages or about specific themes prior to the conference, they are simply asked to bring what God has laid on their heart).  We are being called into a faith dimension as we run the race, the contest, the marathon ahead.  Terry called us to run the race to the end, to be diligent.  He called us to believe God, that this may well look different for everyone of us, but that we must still believe God in our circumstances and in the things that he has given us to do.  

“Run your race, run with perseverance, patience (not passivity).  Leaning forward, leaning with expectation, imitate those who through faith and patience, received the promise of God”.  

Next up was Steven Van Rhyn who spoke about having “Courage for a New Era”.  He reminded us that we were approaching a “red letter day”, where the centre of gravity within our movement moves from the UK to multiple centers across the world.  How we respond to this is vitally important.  New Leaders, New Challenges, New Sacrifices, New Issues, New Identities, NEW ERA!

The next speaker in the main sessions was David Stroud.  He spoke about how we would move forward as Newfrontiers UK but it was still I feel very relevant to all.  He spoke about how we would continue to work together but recognise autonomous apostolic spheres.  We were challenged to leadership which was: courageous “everything” leadership, missional leadership, affirming leadership, embracing leadership, and finally to develop natural & supernatural leadership.

In the next session Terry Virgo continued in Hebrews 12 and enthused us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus as the answer to every question.  We were reminded that Jesus inspired robust faith - robust enough to cause an ordinary man to walk on water!  To remember that we have been given a gospel which addresses us as Sons of God!  He reminded us that pressure, discipline and trials prove us as Sons.  He reminded us that suffering in many different forms should be expected as followers of Christ, we do not become immune to this simply by becoming Christians, in fact we should grow to expect trials of many kinds.  We were also encouraged that the way we deal with suffering is key and given pointers on how to deal with these situations.  

More to follow...

Posted by David Ash at 5:14 PM


Review of the Main Sessions at Together on a Mission 2011 - Part 2


...continues from part 1...

In the following session PJ Smyth (based in Johannesburg, SA) spoke on the subject of Suffering, Sickness & Healing.  This is something that God has put on his heart since his battle with cancer over the last year.  This is an excellent talk and I cannot do it justice in this short summary.  In his first section he spoke about the sources of sickness and then reflected on the source of healing.  I can wholeheartedly recommend this to those who have or are suffering with sickness, longterm or short term.  I would also recommend listening to PJ & Ashleigh talking about their experiences on the training track they were part of (Training Track 11 Part 1).  

Joel Virgo was the next speaker in the main leadership section.  He spoke about Gideon from Judges 6:36-7:8 reminding us that God was merciful to Gideon, through his doubts and allowed Gideon to test him.  God’s patience with Gideon here is striking and gracious, he gives time.  He spoke about the sifting of the army before going into battle showing that God wanted to (A) bring strength and (B) call forth weakness.  

In his last afternoon session Terry sat on a chair and “chatted” to us who were gathered, he wanted it to be as intimate as possible (with a couple of thousand in the room).  His desire was to highlight a number of things that God has spoken to him about and that are close to his heart.  That everything is: God’s initiative, God’s enabling, God’s commissioning, Being a Servant, having Faith, through Prayer, through Gathering a Team.  He ended his talk with a video which was b-roll from the many videos which Nigel Ring has produced, it was a real honouring time for all the hard work, effort, faith, expectation and friendship that he had given to Terry.  This was a very special moment!  

David Holden had the honour of closing TOAM 2011.  He wanted to remind us to keep looking forward, he also want to remind us that this wasn’t just the end of a conference, but also the end of the way that we have worked thus far.  That things will be different, will look different and work differently.  We have an expectation that people outside looking in will say “wow, you guys have changed”.  He reminded us that there are No Well Worn Paths ahead, we will obviously be Newfrontiers, we carry our heritage, our DNA, our experiences but he also suggested that we had treasures that must be kept alive.  We must be Like Minded, have the Same Love, Being One in Spirit, Being One in Purpose, Having the Attitude of Christ.  Finally we were urged to die to small mindedness, to realise that it is biblical for the small to become large - increase is how God does it.  And the next thing is...

I would wholeheartedly recommend downloading the talks for yourself, they are all available on the Newfrontiers website.  I haven’t even mentioned any of the morning training track sessions which are full of varied teaching and encouragements.  I can personally recommend listening to Training Track 11 which was very thought provoking and encouraging.  Don’t miss out!


Posted by David Ash at 5:30 PM

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